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This is really MY story, MY words, written by ME–not a hired marketing guy.

I came to New Orleans to study at Tulane and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After military service, I returned to my alma mater to study law.

I earned my Juris Doctor in 2004 and passed the Louisiana bar shortly thereafter in ’05, when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

I started out my law career as a real estate developer, not as a traditional lawyer. This experience has made all the difference.


I learned about tax, construction, business, banking, and insurance from having been there on the ground myself, not by just sitting behind a desk and billing a corporate client.

Now, when a client comes to me with their issues, I may or may not relate to their whole story, but I do relate to this universal point–

By the time you realize you need a lawyer, you are already wounded–literally or figuratively.

You need a lawyer who is going to help carry you to safety, not one who asks that you carry him, his billable rate, his overhead, and his briefcase, too.

When you hire me, I get paid when you get paid and I fund the case myself.

This dynamic levels the playing field between my clients and their Goliath opponents.

Your case will not be reduced to a contest to see which party can afford to pay their lawyer for longer. And if a Goliath opponent employs that tack, he soon learns that our team can litigate forever–and that it won’t be the first time we take a case to the Louisiana Supreme Court and back again.


When I am not lawyering, I workout at the Crossfit gym almost daily.

I served in the army (tank corps), but now I only march for my Mardi Gras krewe—Krewe Delusion!!

I am a Pelicans NBA basketball season ticket holder.

I play chess and even keep a board ready for a match anytime in my office.

I enjoy the personal aspect and the strategic thinking that my practice demands–and I enjoy counseling clients to identify and make smart decisions that are not always apparent at first glance.

I am married and the father of a four year-old boy.