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This is really MY story, MY words, written by ME–not a hired marketing guy.

I came to New Orleans to study at Tulane and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After military service, I returned to my alma mater to study law.

I earned my Juris Doctor in 2004 and passed the Louisiana bar shortly thereafter in ’05, when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

I started out my law career as a real estate developer, not as a traditional lawyer. This experience has made all the difference.


Egenberg Trial Lawyers delivers courtroom success. We provide the high-quality counsel and representation needed to resolve your case. We serve clients throughout Louisiana, Texas, and the Gulf Coast region. Our office proudly speaks English and Spanish.




Happy Clients


Those who cause accidents through their own fault must be held accountable to compensate those they injure.

I’ve been in an Accident. Do I need an Attorney?

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If you’ve been the victim in a personal injury incident, the opposing party will likely look for every opportunity to minimize the amount they owe you. As the victim, you should focus on your medical healing, but also consider hiring a dedicated attorney who can ensure you’re financially compensated properly. They’ll help you avoid common errors that could devalue your claim. Notably, insurance companies might exploit any opportunity, such as your social media posts or missed medical appointments, to argue that you’re not as injured as you claim or that you’re only looking for monetary compensation. An attorney will guide you through these potential pitfalls, protect your legal rights after the accident, and advise you on steps like documenting your injuries and avoiding premature settlement offers.

Why Choose Egenberg Trial Lawyers to Handle my Case?

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Egenberg Trial Lawyers pride themselves on ensuring their clients receive the maximum compensation for their injuries. We are known for delivering courtroom success and providing high-quality counsel to resolve your case effectively. Serving clients throughout Louisiana, Texas, and the Gulf Coast region, our diverse and experienced team handles a variety of complex legal matters. We believe you need a lawyer who supports you rather than burdening you. We are always accessible, ensuring clear communication throughout the process. Additionally, our office speaks both English and Spanish, catering to a wider audience. We firmly believe in holding those at fault accountable for their actions.

What kind of damages may I be entitled to?

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If you’ve been hurt in an accident due to another person’s negligence, Louisiana law might entitle you to compensation. If the person responsible was performing their regular job duties during the incident, their employer might be liable for your losses, which can often ease the compensation recovery process. The specific damages you could claim depend on your accident’s circumstances. Some commonly recovered losses in Louisiana personal injury cases include:

– Past and future medical expenses: This covers hospitalization, physical therapy, ongoing treatments, and other medical-related costs.
– Costs related to medical treatment travel.
– Lost income from missed work, both past and future.
– Reduced earning capacity if you can’t return to your previous job.
– Costs for vocational training if you need to switch careers.
– Physical and emotional pain and suffering.

When consulting with an attorney, they can provide a clearer picture of potential compensable losses and the amount you could expect to recover.




    Highly Recommended Mr. Egenberg and his associates handled my case with dedication and diligence. Brad pursued all of the issues that were important to me and remained accessible throughout. Brad is professional, approachable and well prepared. I highly recommend him.


    The BEST!!! Brad is simply one of the most engaged attorneys I have ever worked with. He is absolutely knowledgeable and continuously engaged in you as a client. He remembers the smallest details and reaches out often. I feel comfortable under his professional care.


    The best lawyer in New Orleans Bradley is a reliable, dedicated, knowledgeable and fiercely loyal attorney. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I’ve worked with Brad on transactional work and a litigation matter. He is uniquely sensitive to client priorities, needs and (importantly!) deadlines. I’ve consistently found that he’s looking out for his clients, not […]

    Immanuel Gilen

    Top Notch Attorney!!! I was referred to Brad Egenberg by an attorney/friend a few years ago to handle a BP claim for me for lost wages. Brad was successful in getting a very satisfactory BP settlement for me. Since then, he has advised me and in real estate transactions, particularly negotiating commercial leases for property […]


    Great advice Brad came through with great advice at a time when I needed help on a very sensitive issue. His advice likely saved me thousands of dollars and months of litigation. I was able to make better decisions and chose the best course of action based on his insightful recommendations.

    a client

    Excellent and easy to recommend Brad is very easy to work with and I felt like my case was his case. It was not an easy claim as it took over 3 years to settle but Brad never lost of the goal. I would definitely recommend Egenberg Law to friends and associates.