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More than 1.4 million people live in nursing homes and similar facilities throughout the United States, and that number is steadily increasing. While most nursing homes strive to provide the best possible care for each resident, the increasing resident population can cause a strain on many facilities and standards of care may falter. Some nursing homes hire staff who are underpaid and overworked, or who may not belong working in a caretaking role in the first place. The conditions and care provided in a nursing home may deteriorate and residents may suffer as a result.

Whatever the reason may be, nursing home abuse has become a growing problem across the United States and in the New Orleans area. When you select a new home for your loved one and agree to pay the often costly fees, you should expect that your loved one will receive the care and attention they deserve. Unfortunately, too many elderly residents suffer serious physical and/or mental injuries due to nursing home abuse.

When you suspect that your loved one has been a victim of abuse, it can be difficult to know what to do next. If you are in the New Orleans area, you can always turn to the experienced nursing home abuse lawyers of Egenberg, APLC. We handle these cases with the compassion and care your loved one deserves, while fiercely advocating for their rights. If are concerned that your loved one may have suffered nursing home abuse, please do not hesitate to call today to discuss what happened and your options.

Nursing Home Abuse – A Growing Problem
While abuse has long occurred in many nursing homes, the instances of mistreatment and injuries to residents seem to be increasing in recent years. Nursing home abuse is notoriously under-reported, so it is almost impossible to understand the full scope of the problem. In fact, the possibility of nursing home abuse does not even occur to many people, until they realize their loved one was harmed.

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms and can result in a wide variety of injuries. Some cases may be immediately obvious, while others may go undetected for months or years while a resident suffers. Causes of nursing home injuries include:

Physical abuse – Some nursing home staff members may become angry or impatient and take it out on residents through physical violence. Hitting, kicking, pushing, restraining, and pinching or using pressure point holds on residents happens more than most people would think. Elderly adults often lack the ability to defend themselves against physical violence and abuse and may be afraid or unable to report it.
Emotional abuse – Staff members do not have to physically assault a resident to cause them serious harm. Emotional abuse is also common and can cause lasting mental damage to residents. Staff members may belittle, ridicule, humiliate, criticize, or threaten residents, causing emotional trauma.
Sexual abuse – Most people do not consider the possibility of sexual assault against nursing home residents, but it does occur. Staff members, other residents, or even visitors may sexually assault a resident in many ways, which can include unwanted sexual touching, exposing a resident, and rape.
Neglect – A nursing home resident relies on the staff and facility to provide for their everyday needs and medical care. When a nursing home engages in serious neglect, it can be a form of harmful abuse. Neglect that can cause serious injuries includes not providing proper food, water, or shelter, as well as having unsanitary conditions or ignoring serious medical issues.
Any of the above types of nursing home abuse are distressing – for both the victim and their families. Victims of nursing home abuse have legal rights to take action against the facility and care providers that caused them harm.

Do You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse Injuries?
As mentioned, many cases of nursing home abuse go unreported. Some residents may have cognitive deficiencies that prevent them from later remembering how they got injured. Abusers may also threaten the resident with more harm if they tell anyone or manipulate them into silence in other ways. For these reasons, it is critical to be vigilant for any sign of injury or behavior that may indicate abuse. Some common signs include:

Unexplained physical injuries, such as scrapes or bruises
Marks from restraints on the wrists or legs
Injuries to genital areas
Torn or bloody clothing or sheets
Diagnosed sexually-transmitted diseases
Emotional or behavioral changes
Social withdrawal
Fear of physical contact or closeness
Fear of certain staff members
Restrictions on visiting your loved one alone
Of course, there are many additional warning signs of abuse. If you suspect anything out of the ordinary, investigate the situation promptly and take legal action if necessary.

Holding Dangerous Nursing Homes Accountable
If your loved one suffered harm due to nursing home abuse, you should immediately discuss you and your loved one’s rights and options with a skilled nursing home abuse attorney. Our legal team regularly stands up for injured nursing home residents and we can advise you whether your loved one has a valid claim.

Residents can often recover compensation for losses and injuries suffered because of nursing home abuse, including their physical and emotional pain and suffering, any medical treatment needed, and more. To protect their reputations, nursing homes often fight aggressively against liability in these cases, so you need a law firm that will not back down. The lawyers at Egenberg, APLC stand up to nursing home abuse and fight for their clients’ right to recover compensation from the injuries suffered. We can help evaluate your case and identify the best course of action for you and loved one.

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At Egenberg APLC, we believe that all nursing homes that allow or cause harm to residents should be held wholly accountable for their actions and all losses and injuries residents have suffered from abuse and neglect. We are committed to protecting the rights of every client and will handle every step of the legal process. Call us at (504) 229-5700 or contact us online to discuss the rights of your loved one today for free.