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When you only have one chance to get it right

A criminal charge may be one of the most stressful things a person can experience. Jail time, fines, forfeitures, and the overall stigma of being a convicted felon have affects that last a lifetime.

Types of Criminal Charges Handled by Egenberg, APLC
The firm handles charges in both State and Federal courts. Our experience includes drug charges, violent crimes, and financial crimes (“white collar”) including tax fraud, bank fraud, and embezzlement.

Egenberg, APLC: “Real talk” Criminal Defense

If you are currently dealing with criminal charges, you have only one chance to get it right.
Our approach to our criminal practice is simple:

If the evidence or the law leaves us something to work with, then we can prepare a defense, engage in motion practice, and try the case, if necessary.

If, however, the case is simply not triable, then we seek the very best possible plea deal.

For most people, a criminal charge elicits a reaction of complete “denial”—not only to the authorities but also to themselves. A defendant simply “cannot believe that this is happening”.

Criminal charges impact families, jobs, marriages.

Our policy is “real talk”—and our clients have many times thanked us for it.

Appellate Work and Post-Conviction Relief
Our firm has successfully litigated appeals and applications for post-conviction relief for those who were wrongfully convicted. We work hand-in-hand with immigration lawyers on a regular basis in seeking to vacate convictions that may result in deportation.

Appeals and post-conviction work are extremely time sensitive. Do NOT delay in contacting our office immediately if you have been wrongfully convicted or if you have accepted a guilty plea without being fully informed of its consequences.

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“Mr. Egenberg and his associates handled my case with dedication and diligence. Brad pursued all of the issues that were important to me and remained accessible throughout. Brad is professional, approachable and well prepared. I highly recommend him.”