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Egenberg, APLC: Tax Advice From a Trusted New Orleans Attorney

Bradley Egenberg offers professional legal counsel regarding federal, state, and local tax credits. His advice has proven invaluable for several clients, many of whom have managed to significantly reduce their tax burden with his help. A knowledgeable attorney with an impressive professional background, Bradley Egenberg approaches all tax credit matters with a multidisciplinary perspective, which lends him great insight into a notoriously complicated area of tax law. His law firm is thus a great resource to turn to as you wade through the complications of federal and state tax incentives.

Federal Tax Credits
Whether your home or business is historic, LEED-certified, or located in a low-income neighborhood, you likely qualify for multiple tax credits. These credits could potentially save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Passionate about the financial wellbeing of his clients, Bradley Egenberg helps a variety of homeowners and entrepreneurs determine their eligibility for an even greater variety of federal tax credits. Upon discovering clients’ eligibility, he provides the guidance needed to correctly apply available incentives.

State Tax Credits
In addition to taking advantage of numerous federal tax credits, Louisiana residents are also able to utilize a wide array state-based credits and incentives. These include the Research and Development Tax Credit, the Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit, the Sound Recording Investor Tax Credit, the Technology Commercialization Credit, and the Industrial Tax Exemption, among others. Many businesses are eligible for multiple local tax incentives, but it can be very difficult for business owners to determine whether they qualify and how they can maintain full compliance with these programs. Bradley Egenberg possesses an in-depth understanding of Louisiana’s tax incentive programs and is thus able to provide quality counsel for interested individuals.

Egenberg, APLC: Tax Advice From a Trusted New Orleans Attorney
If you are looking to take advantage of available federal or state tax credits, it is absolutely imperative that you first reach out to a knowledgeable tax attorney. Improper use of available tax credits can result in audits and other problematic consequences. The right tax attorney can help you determine your eligibility for various tax credits, and, from there, use these credits in a way that minimizes the risk of compliance issues. For high-quality counsel from a lawyer you can trust, look to Bradley Egenberg of Egenberg, APLC.

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