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Attorneys Representing Injured Pedestrians in New Orleans

Driving a car and riding a bicycle or motorcycle regularly put people at risk of crashes and injuries. However, many people fail to recognize the serious risks of an accident while they are walking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that, on average, a pedestrian suffers injuries in traffic accidents every seven minutes in the United States, and one pedestrian dies every two hours. These statistics give a startling realization that being a pedestrian can be extremely risky.

The risks are higher for pedestrian accidents in cities like New Orleans. Everywhere you look, there are visitors and residents walking near or on the streets. When popular parts of a city are easily navigable on foot, pedestrians are more common, especially if people are trying to avoid drunk driving. While walking may be safer than impaired driving, pedestrians are still at risk of severe injuries, and these risks increase if the pedestrian has been drinking.

At the law firm of Egenberg, APLC, we have seen how pedestrian accidents can affect victims and their families. We understand your rights as an injured pedestrian and have the tools to protect those rights. If you suffered injuries, please contact our office as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights and options.

Injuries to Pedestrians
Pedestrians have no seat belts, airbags, or the frame of a vehicle to protect them in a collision. A vehicle will directly hit a pedestrian’s body and they are completely vulnerable to the impact. Because of this, pedestrians often sustain a wide range of traumatic injuries when an accident occurs. The following severe injuries are common in pedestrian crashes:

Spinal cord injuries – If a vehicle hits a pedestrian anywhere in the torso, it can cause serious damage to the spinal cord. Such damage can disrupt the functioning of the spine and nerves, which can result in paralysis, loss of organ function, and loss of sensation. The effects of spinal cord injuries may be temporary or permanent but either way, this injury can have a catastrophic effect on your life and result in extensive medical bills.
Broken bones – Bones can easily fracture or even shatter upon a traumatic impact. Even a relatively straightforward broken bone will require medical care and a period of recovery. Compound fractures and multiple breaks in a bone can require surgeries and a longer recovery time, and they may result in permanent impairments. In some situations, bones may be crushed in a pedestrian accident and may result in an amputation.
Joint injuries – The joints are susceptible to injuries in any type of traumatic accident. Joints can become dislocated and the soft tissue connectors can be torn or strained. Whether an accident injured your knee, hip, shoulder, or another joint, you may need surgery and extensive physical therapy. You may also be prohibited from participating in sports, certain exercise, and other hobbies or activities you once loved.
Traumatic brain injuries – Many pedestrians suffer head trauma in accidents. This can result in skull fractures and/or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs can range from a simple concussion to a long-term and disabling injury. Brain injuries can cause cognitive disabilities, as well as impairments with speech, movement, emotional and behavioral control, and more. Victims of moderate or severe TBIs are generally hospitalized and may undergo a long period of rehabilitation.
Internal injuries – When you suffer a blunt force trauma from a traffic collision, it is possible to suffer many types of internal injuries. While these injuries may not be visible to others, they can be life-threatening and life-changing. Punctured lungs, broken ribs, broken pelvis, organ damage, and internal hemorrhaging are all possible severe injuries that may result from pedestrian accidents.
No matter what type of injury you suffer, seek a full medical evaluation as soon as possible after you are hit by a car. Getting the proper diagnosis and treatment is essential for both your health and any future legal claims. Once your physical condition stabilizes, call an attorney to begin exercising your legal rights.

Your Rights After an Accident
As the bills pile up after an accident and you become increasingly frustrated with your injuries and limitations, you should learn about your rights to compensation. The rights of pedestrian accident victims will vary depending on the circumstances of an accident, so you should schedule a free consultation with an experienced pedestrian injury attorney who can evaluate your situation.

The law allows injured accident victims the right to seek monetary compensation for their losses from anyone who negligently or intentionally caused their injuries. There are many forms of negligence by drivers that can cause pedestrian collisions, including:

Ignoring walk signals at crosswalks
Running traffic lights or stop signs
Distracted driving
Drunk or drugged driving
Aggressive driving
Fatigued driving
Failing to yield
Our attorneys can help determine who should be held liable for your injuries and can seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other losses from your accident. Call now to learn whether you might be entitled to such compensation.

How Our Law Firm Can Help
We know that the last thing you need after an injury is additional stress. Therefore, we handle all aspects of your legal case for you, allowing you to stay focused on your physical recovery. We help clients by:

Providing free case evaluations
Calculating the value of past and future damages
Filing and handling insurance claims
Filing and handling personal injury lawsuits in civil court
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At Egenberg, APLC, we know how traumatic a pedestrian accident can be, and the fallout can be even more stressful. We stand up for the rights of every client and seek the maximum possible compensation for their losses. If you would like to speak with our pedestrian accident legal team, call us at (504) 229-5700 or contact us online to get started on a possible pedestrian accident claim today.