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“Insurance companies have legions of adjusters and lawyers who practice settling claims for pennies on the dollar. And consumers don’t even know the rules of the game” Ron Alford, author

Property damage falls into one of two categories:

Acts of Nature – hurricanes, tornados, and floods can be devastating and often result in water in your basement, roof damage, and can even cause damage to your fence, yard, or awnings. Insurance companies will attempt to deny these claims using “act of God” as a reason for denial. If your home or car is damaged and an insurance company refuses to pay your claim, contact EGENBERG APLC.
Acts of Man – deliberate damage such as vandalism is an act of man. However, accidents such as a driver losing control of their car and crashing into a property are usually the result of negligent operation of the vehicle. In these cases, you may have to deal with two insurance companies—your own and that of the person who caused the damage. Insurance companies have one goal in mind: Their goal is to pay as little as possible in claims. Only then can they satisfy their shareholders – whose sole motivation is higher profits. And those profits can only be achieved by NOT paying claims.
What Insurance Companies Hope You Do Not Know
Louisiana allows insurance companies only 30 days after you have filed a claim to either pay the claim or submit to you, in writing, their reason for denying the claim.

You have the right to expect your property damage claims be paid in a timely manner so you can get the funds you need to start repairs. If an insurance company stalls or delays or outright denies your claim, contact Egenberg, APLC at (504) 229-5700.

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