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If You Hurt My Clients You’ll Pay For It



I represent the Davids of the world against Goliath insurers, government entities, and multi-national corporate giants such as British Petroleum and large pharmaceutical companies.

I’m a versatile lawyer and handle a variety of complex legal matters.

Personal Injury

“If you hurt my clients, I will make you pay.” I mean that in every sense, in every case.

Trip and fall cases, dog bite lawsuits, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and car accidents are all very important to me personally, not just professionally.

Property Damage

I advocate for insureds whose carriers are “slooooooow” to cover property damage. I will not hesitate to file suit and have done so countless times.

This results-oriented representation style resonates with business owners as well as homeowners.

Civil Litigation

When you are involved in a dispute over money, you need competent legal advice. While some issues may be resolved by discussing the problem with the other party, unfortunately in some cases, you may need to take your case to court. Civil litigation covers any type of lawsuit that involves a monetary amount due to a breach of contract, a tenant who has failed to pay rent or a dispute involving a contractor you hire to work on your home. At Egenberg, A PLC, we are fully prepared to deal with a whole range of issues that could potentially go to court.

Criminal Defense

I have taken the most serious cases to jury trial, including murder, and have handled major white collar cases such as tax fraud and embezzlement.

A criminal charge can have repercussions that last a lifetime.

My approach is pragmatic, “real talk”