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Oil Rig Accident FAQ

Oil rigs can be incredibly demanding places for people to work, with constant loud noise making it difficult to communicate and certain types of accidents being more common and causing possible injuries. Any person who suffers an injury on the job while working on an oil rig will want to seek the help of a New Orleans oil rig accident lawyer.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) reports that offshore incidents in the most recent year saw 65 fatalities and 160 injuries. These incidents included 274 relating to lifting, 87 fires, 81 musters, 73 gas releases, 11 spills, seven collisions, one explosion, and one loss of well control.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Oil Rig Accidents

Many victims of oil rig accidents have many questions about their rights after an accident. Here are examples of the questions people most commonly ask:


What are the Most Common Types of Oil Rig Injuries?

Falls are far and away one of the most common kinds of accidents on oil rigs, and falls can cause broken bones or fractures. Spinal fractures may cause paralysis. 

Working with heavy machinery can also lead to possible limb amputation injuries when equipment is misused, or there is a lack of safety procedures. Cuts and deep lacerations are also possible. 

The significant number of flammable chemicals and fuel on oil rigs makes burn injuries common as well. 


What if My injuries Are the Fault of Someone Other than My Employer?

In these types of cases, a person may be able to file for both workers’ compensation and a claim against the negligent party that has caused an injury. Such cases are better known as third-party personal injury claims.

A third-party claim allows victims to recover more damages than they receive under workers’ compensation. You will always want to be sure you are working with an experienced New Orleans oil rig accident attorney when you need help filing a third-party claim.


Why Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for My Injury Claim?

You must understand that whatever party you are filing a third-party claim against will likely have their own attorney to defend them against liability claims. In many cases, the insurance company will be responsible for hiring a defense lawyer in these cases, and they will be working to undermine your claim by seeking proof that you were actually the one who was at fault for your injuries.

When you hire a skilled personal injury attorney of your own to handle your case, you will have somebody with legal experience on your side who will know how to deal with all the moves that a defense lawyer is likely to employ. More importantly, you could be in a situation where the insurance company is looking to settle your case, and an attorney can negotiate a full and fair settlement to your case so you can know that you are recovering as much compensation as possible.

You may very well receive a settlement offer from an insurer soon after your accident before you have even had the chance to call a lawyer. Do not think that you have an obligation to accept any such proposal because whatever offer you are receiving is probably far less than what you are entitled to, so accepting such a settlement may save you attorney fees but will also prevent you from seeking any additional compensation if the award is not enough to cover your future medical bills.


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