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Can You Recover Compensation after an Uber Accident?

Uber rideshare services are generally safe, but accidents happen. A common question about Uber accidents is when does Uber cover accident damages? Can you recover your losses and damages in an Uber claim or lawsuit? 

While Uber may cover your damages in some situations, the company has a financial interest in paying as little as possible. Keep reading to learn more, then contact Egenberg Trial Lawyers if you have questions. 

Uber Insurance Overview

Uber is required to carry insurance to cover accidents and pay accident victims, in some cases. This policy can cover as much as $1 million in damages. However, the coverage varies widely depending on when and how the Uber accident happened. So sometimes, you can’t rely on Uber to cover your medical bills and other damages. 

Uber’s insurance policy details three time periods based on what the Uber driver was doing when the accident happened: 

  • Not available: This is when the Uber driver uses their car for personal driving. They aren’t logged into their Uber app. If you are hit by an Uber driver who is ‘not on the clock,’ then the driver’s personal auto insurance is in effect. 
  • Available; If the Uber driver is logged into the app on their phone, can take riders, but isn’t doing an active ride, the primary auto insurance is the driver’s. But Uber will cover an extra $50,000 per injury. So the maximum payout is $100,000, plus $25,000 for property damage if the driver’s personal auto insurance maxes out. 
  • Available and has a passenger: The driver is working an active ride request and has picked up the rider. In this case, Uber’s $1 million auto insurance policy is in effect. 

In periods two and three above, Uber offers the following coverage for Uber drivers in an accident: 

  • Liability: If you are driving for Uber with an active rider and someone hits you, the Uber $1 million policy is in effect. 
  • Underinsured and uninsured coverage: If you are hit while driving for Uber, the company offers coverage if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance or enough insurance. 
  • Collision and comprehensive: Uber provides Uber drivers with this coverage if another driver hits them. However, collision and comprehensive coverage have a $2500 deductible. 

If you are an Uber driver, coverage gaps leave you with out-of-pocket expenses in an accident. Insurance experts advise having at least $100,000 of bodily injury coverage per person and $300,000 per incident. 

If you are an injured passenger, note that Uber is notorious for denying coverage even if you were hurt during the third period. Also, the driver’s personal auto insurance may not pay because they were driving for Uber. These cases can be complicated, and having a skilled personal injury attorney in your corner is vital to fight for you. 

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