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Common Injuries From Electrical Accidents

Accidents that involve electricity are dangerous, unpredictable, and can result in serious injuries. Because electrical hazards are common in certain workplaces, the US Department of Labor has published a guide to help protect those who work around electricity. This guide is also helpful for anyone who wants to know how to avoid electrical injuries.

Where to Watch for Electrical Accidents

Although an electrical accident can happen anywhere, certain scenarios pose especially high risks. Common locations of dangerous electrical accidents include:

  • Industrial manufacturing sites – electrical accidents are common in manufacturing workplaces with high voltage machinery. These accidents typically occur due to inadequate safety measures, failure to properly maintain equipment, and improper training or supervision of workers.
  • Construction sites may have ungrounded live wires left unattended, as well as high voltage. Never enter a construction site without authorization or allow children to play around construction sites.
  • Near water – whether by the pool or the bathroom sink, electrical devices and circuits pose additional dangers near water. Hair dryers in particular use a surprisingly high voltage and can cause electrocution when exposed to water.
  • Overloaded power strips – if you do not have enough accessible outlets, it’s tempting to plug everything into one power strip. However, doing so causes a risk of an electrical fire.

Electrical Accident Injuries

Regardless of how an accident occurs, the electrical injuries can be severe. Common injuries in electrical accidents include:

  • Burns – electrical burns can be extremely serious, sometimes requiring amputation. Current may travel deep into bones and tissues, causing irreparable internal damage.
  • Electrocution, brain damage, and death – these are terrifying but unfortunately common results of electric shock, especially if the current passes through the accident victim’s head to the ground.
  • Nerve and/or tissue damage – these injuries can take a long time to heal or be permanent.
  • Heart failure – an electric shock can cause your heart to stop momentarily or permanently.

These injuries are especially dangerous for young children, who suffer serous injuries even from low voltage accidents. If you or a family member has been injured in an electrical accident, seek medical attention right away. Ensure a medical professional performs a thorough examination to determine if there are any unseen injuries or symptoms that could lead to critical issues in the future. Make sure to follow doctor’s orders and watch for any signs of infection or other complications.

A New Orleans, LA Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Sustaining an electrical injury can be devastating and cause permanent damage. If you have been hurt in an electrical accident that may have been someone else’s fault, or took place on someone else’s property, it’s important to understand your rights to just compensation. At Egenberg, APLC, we pride ourselves on advocating for the rights of accident victims and helping them recover just compensation for their injuries. To learn more about your options, reach out to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us at 504-229-5700 or contact us online today.