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How a Car Accident Can Affect Your Job


After a car accident, you may be shaken up, and you may spend time in the hospital. Everyone knows a car accident can cause serious damage to your vehicle and serious injuries to you—but you may not think about the effects of an accident on other aspects of your life. It is common, however, that a car accident can affect your job in different ways.

Time off Work for Medical Treatment

For some car accident injuries, you may receive a diagnosis at the ER and then may be sent home with instructions for follow-up care. This can include specialist visits, physical therapy, and more. Many of these appointments may have to take place during the work day. After all, most doctor’s offices are not open in the evening hours or on weekends. This means having to take off time from work to receive the treatment you need.

For more serious injuries, medical treatment may be more extensive. You may need to spend a few days in the hospital so doctors can monitor your injuries and stabilize your condition. If you need surgery, the recovery time can be significant, and you may be ordered on bed rest for days or even weeks. Obviously, you cannot attend work during this time. This may not only result in lost wages, but in some cases losing a job.

Impairments That Keep You From Doing Your Job

Some injuries can cause different short-term or long-term impairments that may make it impossible for you to perform your job duties. For example, a back injury may keep you from lifting heavy objects for six weeks or more. If your job requires heavy lifting, you may be forced to take time off until you recover.

Other injuries may cause long-lasting impairments that interfere with your ability to work. A spinal cord injury may leave you with paralysis, which can cause issues with many types of jobs. A traumatic brain injury may result in cognitive impairments that make it difficult to concentrate, follow instructions, or process information. Such impairments may keep you from ever returning to your prior job. You may have to request accommodations, switch careers, or stop working altogether, which means relying on disability benefits instead of earning income.

Recovering Lost Income

Car accident victims may have the right to seek damages for all past and future lost income in addition to other losses. You should always have the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. Calculating the sum of your lost income can be complicated, especially if you may miss work in the future.

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